Property Management Services for Landlords

Full Service Property Management

Noe's objectives are the following:

  • To set the correct rental amount right from the start to rent within a timely manner and keep the owner informed as the market rent changes.
  • To promote the property to as many qualified renters, as possible, until it rents.
  • To communicate with my owner at least once a week, until it rents.
  • To collect rent on or before the due date and disburse to owner in a timely manner.
  • To ensure property is being maintained and if repairs are necessary coordinate with owner.
  • To provide owner an accounting of all rents received and disbursements once per month.

The following are the steps Noe takes during the pre-rental, rental and post-rental life of a lease:

  • Walk through the property with the owner and recommend any improvements that will in a cost effective way enhance the marketability of the rental to prospective renters.
  • Coordinate inspections and repairs, if necessary, for the owner.
  • Review a rental survey with the owner and recommend an appropriate rental amount.
  • Review and execute the terms of the property manager agreement.
  • Install a FOR RENT sign on the property with a property flyer and rental applications.
  • Advertise your rental via print flyers, Internet and to all our current and past clients whether they are renters, buyers or sellers.
  • Screen prospective tenant rental applications for credit worthiness.
  • Show your property to prospective tenants who filled out a rental application.
  • Communicate with owner as to prospective tenants and recommend lease terms for rental.
  • Upon approval by owner execute lease agreement with tenant.
  • Collect deposit and rent into brokers trust account and disburse per property management agreement.
  • Perform walk through inspection checklist with tenant at time of execution of lease, which includes taking photos of the subject property.
  • Hand over keys to new tenant.
  • Collect the monthly rent from tenant into brokers trust account and disburse per the property management agreement.
  • For owners convenience broker’s office is open Monday through Friday from 9-5pm for tenants to drop off rents and to address any issues.
  • If seller elects pay from the owner’s rental disbursement the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, sewer, or whatever else owner directs in writing property manager to pay.
  • On a monthly basis provide owner an accounting of all rents received and disbursements.
  • Communicate with tenant and owner on a periodic basis as to any concerns about the property.
  • Perform a walkthrough of the property every 6 months, depending on owner request, and report to owner condition of property.
  • Coordinate with owner and tenant any property maintenance issues.
  • Broker is accessible 24/7 to order emergency repairs.
  • At the end of the lease term either negotiate a new lease extension and any rental increases, if applicable, or coordinate the move out of tenant.
  • Coordinate the move out inspection with tenant for the purposes of ensuring the property is being turned back in the same condition as when it was originally rented.
  • Perform a walk through move out inspection with photos for owners review to determine if any deductions will be made to tenants deposit less regular wear and tear.
  • Obtain repair estimates and coordinate said repairs between owner and repair person.
  • Within 21 days of tenant moving out of said property mail/deliver the deposit refund, less any deductions, together an itemized list of repairs, if any, that were necessary to bring the property back to the original condition as when tenant first moved into the subject property.
  • Start all over again and get the property rented.
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Noe Renteria
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